What We Expect of Choristers

Welcome to Star Chorale Incorporated, a community choir that aims to excel in choral singing, particularly in the classical genre, for a loyal and knowledgeable audience. Whether you’re brand new or a seasoned member you are very welcome. Below are some expectations and standards we would like choristers to adhere to.

Before Rehearsal

  • Mark up your music: write in bar numbers (if required) and mark any passages you wish BEFORE the rehearsal starts.
    NOTE: if you are using a HIRED copy of the score all markings must be in pencil (preferably 2B because it doesn’t mark the page) and removed before the score is returned. We often hire copies from professional music libraries and all lost and damaged copies must be replaced. Star Chorale Inc. will not cover the cost of replacement apart from exceptional circumstances.
  • Familiarise yourself with music to be practiced: the Music Director will provide a list of which music will be covered at each rehearsal. Please familiarise yourself with it before rehearsal starts. We don’t expect you to be pitch-perfect (!) but some awareness would be appreciated.
  • Notify your part leader if you will be absent: we understand work schedules can conflict with rehearsals, but please try not to schedule major overseas holidays during the rehearsal period. Absences longer than three weeks will be followed up and continuation must be approved by the Music Director on a case-by-case basis. Contact details for part leaders are here.

During rehearsal

  • Please bring a pencil (or two!): all choristers will need their own pencil to mark in conductor directions. Don’t expect to remember all of them, especially in long, complex works. Learning music is challenging enough without having to repeat instructions over and over.
  • Do not talk while other parts practise: it is extremely disruptful for the part practising. Following along what they are learning can actually assist your own learning of the music and understanding how your part fits in.
  • Refreshments: hot refreshments are available between 7-7:30 prior to commencement of rehearsal along with a social opportunity with other choir members. There will be a ten-minute break roughly half way through the rehearsal for toilet and drinks, but please bring your own refreshment for this break.
  • Attempt all music requested: we ask only that you do your best, both at rehearsal and in the performance. Questions to the conductor are welcome but for extensive queries please wait for the break or after rehearsal to follow up.

Between rehearsals

  • Listen to practice tracks: these have been supplied by the Music Director to aid your learning of the music. They can easily be copied onto CD or any listening device so you can listen in the car or while travelling, walking etc.
  • Practice pronunciations: if the work is in a foreign language please use the translation provided for practice. Many languages have multiple pronunciations that are equally correct unless you are from a particular region or cultural group. Where this occurs, the Music Director will select the pronunciation used by the choir to ensure continuity and cohesive vocal production across the choir.
  • Contact your part leader or committee members: the committee will facilitate communication between the conductor and yourself between rehearsal, including feedback from previous rehearsal and instructions for the next. Should you need clarification or have any questions about anything please don’t hesitate to contact your part leader or a committee member. If they cannot help you they will pass your query onto someone who can and we will get back to you as fast as possible.

Most of all, we hope that you enjoy your time at choir and the camarderie that comes from helping produce such wonderful music on some of the best stages in Melbourne. If you have any ideas on how to do things better, please contact a committee member, or consider becoming one yourself!